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重看申請書頭第一段,發覺我早在2003年,當市場仍在迷醉於Java(J2ME) Game的美好前景時,我們已經visiualize到類似Facebook的social network with 3rd party plug-in願景:

“The concept behind “m-Friends”, is a mobile online user community. It is not an ordinary “Java Game”. An ordinary “Java Game” has the same game play, same content, and its features cannot be extended, thus having a shorter product life-cycle. Even for an outstanding network Java Game that can be charged by subscription, the fact is that the product will have a limited life-cycle because of the limitation of handsets capabilities and ever-the-same game play.

m-Friends on the other hand, is extendable. All functions and features are processed at the server-side. Most graphics and animations are also pulled from the server, which means we can add new features, new applications modules or make changes to the user interface anytime, at server side. All these can be done without the need of downloading a new version of the client software. What this also means is that the “m-Friends” framework can be later on extended to become a Mobile Online Applications Portal, accepting applications developed by 3rd parties to be “plugged-in” as modules to the Portal, eliminate the problems of fighting for user-base individually and negotiating with mobile operators.”



Keith Li

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  1. JC

    September 15, 2014 at 10:27 am

    沒錯! 親身經歷,走的太早,市場和用戶還沒成熟﹔太遲則市場個餅已經分完。剛剛


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